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This Angelfish Neon Sculpture is great for your Pet or Aquarium Shop, Tropical Bar Room, etc. Makes a great gift for the Fish lover! We accept Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal. Ships via FEDEX in 1-3 business days. $99.95 $54.95 Website Link: http://silvertechneon.net
Hi! My name is Anemone. I am a gorgeous black 12-week old kitten girl with a little white locket under my chin. I love to cuddle in my foster mom's arms, purring like an engine. I also love to play a lot with my siblings, Andrew and Angela, running around playing with every toy I can get my paws on! I'll be a good adorable and loving kitty to that special person who takes me home. Adoption char...
Fiona is a large girl around 10 yrs old. She is a red ear slider. She was attacked by a dog and a chunk of her shell was taken out. She is all healed up now and ready for a new home. Adoption charge $20. If you're interested in adopting her, please go to www.furangelsas.com and fill out our on-line adoption form. Fiona, Turtle has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Trixie is an fullgrown red eared slider, she was brought to DuPage Animal Control by her owner and we picked her up from there. We do not have a lot of information on her. She is a large turtle, her shell is about 9 in in diameter. She is probably on the older side as well but red eared sliders can easily live over 20yrs. She is friendly and can be handled, while she prefers to just swim around...
Nyphadora is a wonderful, shy red-eared slider (semi-aquatic turtle) who likes her treats of mealworms and shrimp. She's about 6-7 ins in diameter, and loves her hiding places in her tank. Red-eared sliders are a hardy species and good for 1st time turtle owners. They can live 20+ years and grow to 12" (carapace length). For an aquarium set-up, a good rule of thumb is at least ten gallons per i...
Seraphina is a large red tail boa. She is about five feet and 15 lbs. She is wonderful and has beautiful markings Like most snakes she does not like children jumping around in her face. Other then that she is calm and a nice eater She is eating Jumbo rats-frozen Applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com Adoption payment is 125 Seraphina, Snake has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Dilbert is a young believed to be male anole. Anoles are easy to care for and fun to watch. Adoption is 10 Adoption applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com Dilbert, Lizard has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Tequila is a female leopard gecko around 3 yrs old. She dropped her tail at some point and you can see it has grown back. She is wonderful and easy to handle. Adoption donation is 20 If you are interested in adopting Tequila applications cane found at www.furangelsas.com Tequila, Gecko has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Margarita is a female leopard gecko around 3 yrs old. She's easy to handle and likes coming out to explore. Leos make nice 1st time reptile pets! Adoption donation is 20 Application for adoption cane found at www.furangelsas.com Margarita, Gecko has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Maize is a 5yr old corn snake. She is about 3 ft. And eating small frozen rat puppies. Easy to handle Adoption donation is 50 Adoption applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com . if interested in meeting her please fill out Maize, Snake has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Merlin is a seven year old male corn snake. His previous owner is moving and can not take him with them. He is hand tamed but is a little skittish still and moves pretty fast. He eats very well and is in great healthy. His adoption payment is $50 To adopt Merlin go to www.furangelsas.com and fill out an application. Merlin, Snake has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
3 yr old male water dragon. He is 2.5 t0 3ft and on the smaller side. Has a nice appetite and easy to hold. Adoption donation is 60 Applications can be found at www.furangelsas.com Archibald, Iguana has been shared from Shelter Exchange .
Jade is a young female green iguana. She was being kept by someone who could not properly care for her as she grew. She did lose the end of her tail to tail rot but it has fallen off and seems to be healing well so far. She is adjusting to her foster home and is still a little skittish, but once she calms down she will be handled more. We do not have an age on her, the previous owner said she w...
Gabby is a adorable 4yr old female bearded dragon. She likes to eat crickets, roaches, superworms, and mixed salads. She is comfortable being handled and carried around. She likes opportunities to explore her surroundings. Gabby is a healthy, happy lizard looking for a loving home. Adoption charge $75 If interested, please go to www.furangelsas.com and fill out the on-line application. Gabby, L...
Fish tank with accessories
Almost new only used a bit we got different fish so we don't need this annymore. Retail price is $15.99
Donna is a Ball Python. We do not know how old she is exactly, or if she is in fact a female. Someone brought her to DuPage Animal Control and reported that they found her as a stray. She is friendly, eats very well, and is healthy. She does have some fading of her pattern which causes us to think she might be a senior. She also is underweight still but she is eating very well and putting on we...
Greta is an full grown female green iguana. She was surrendered to DuPage Animal Control because they could no longer take care of her. Her 1st owner did not appear to be able to take care of her, she came to animal control with a lot of previous injuries. You can tell that she had metabolic bone disease from not having enough calcium in her diet. Her 2nd owner was able to stop the progression ...
Ricky is a fullgrown male around 1. He is a healthy guy with a good appetite. Adoption payment is 20. Applications for Ricky can be found at www.furangelsas.com
Very clean 55 gal. Tank with custom built stand (very strong stand , stand will hold up to 125 gal. Tank) new hood and lights, newer whisper duel filter (box of filters 25.00 value) heater, air pump with hose, 30 lbs black and blue gravel, some rocks from colorado mtns. ALL YOU NEED IS FISH AND WATER!! Please call Bob at 815- 210-0343
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